The HCG diet

The HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) Diet uses hormones to reset your hypothalamus gland and overall metabolism. This allows your body to burn your fat stores for energy and reduces the nagging hunger pains that lead to overeating with most diets.*

Why try the HCG diet?

Obesity increases your risks for heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer, infertility, and can significantly shorten a person’s life span. Being obese can also lead to isolation, depression, shame, and a loss of quality of life. The HCG Diet is a new, revolutionary way to take control of your weight. Being under a doctor’s care as you utilize the diet ensures that you’ll be winning the battle of the bulge safely.*

The HCG diet has changed my life.  As I weighed myself each morning and I was motivated after seeing the pounds just come off! My energy level was high while on this program and I never felt sluggish. My love life has improved significantly. I honestly feel like I’m resetting my life.*


I just started the diet and love that my weight loss program is monitored by a doctor and a nutritionist. I visit them weekly and my nutritionist contacts me everyday so I love their constant support. I started off at 169lbs. Exactly 7 days later, I’m now at 162. Can’t wait to see the pounds continue to drop!*


Ready to lose weight the healthy way?