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Bala Wellness specializes in female sexual medicine to treat conditions including low sexual desire, pain with intercourse, hormone replacement therapy, and symptoms associated with menopause.

Experience better, more satisfying orgasms with The O-Shot*

The O-Shot® rejuvenates the orgasmic centers of the vagina, thereby increasing sensitivity and significantly enhancing the feeling and quality of orgasm.* It is a virtually painless*, nonsurgical, drug-free procedure for women.

Sex isn’t supposed to hurt. MonaLisa Touch can help.*

The MonaLisa Touch laser is the state-of-the-art treatment for women who suffer from pain during intercourse, often caused by a decrease in (or lack of) vaginal lubrication. MonaLisa Touch has also been shown to help with symptoms of incontinence and post-menopausal urinary-tract infections, as well as with regeneration of overall vaginal health.*

Hormone imbalances can wreak havoc on a woman’s body

Whether it’s due to aging or some other underlying cause, you don’t have to suffer with loss of energy, hot flashes, and dozens of other common symptoms. With our sophisticated replacement therapies, Bala Wellness helps you achieve optimal hormone levels to increase libido, improve orgasm quality, and maintain overall sexual wellness.*

Get more satisfaction from your sex life